EBIS is an independent brokerage agency specializing in employee benefits. EBIS offers unique group medical products and services which provide large corporate-style benefits for small to medium sized businesses in an affordable way. EBIS is a General Agent for four insurance carriers that provide partially self funded group medical plans for small to medium sized businesses. When you request a group medical quote for your Employer, EBIS can provide you with multiple insurance carrier’s quotes. We have carriers that will provide quotes with a minimum enrollment of 5, 10, 15 or 25 employees.

EBIS’ objective is to help you offer the most competitive benefits package for your clients and in ensuring that each line of coverage is negotiated at the best possible quality of benefits and price. You can request quotes for the partially self funded medical plans without supplemental insurance.

EBIS is a supermarket of supplemental insurance products. Some or our supplemental products are proprietary products you can only broker through EBIS. These supplemental products will give you the advantage of offering product your competition can not offer.

Meanwhile, when you offer our products and services, your client’s will see their time spent on benefits administration reduced. Upon request, EBIS can provide several services such as providing a one source billing program and employee benefits manuals with Benefit Descriptions and information and notices that should be provided to the employees of your clients. Our programs will help your Agency better manage and audit benefits expenses, track payroll deductions (post and pre tax) as well as audit benefits expenses and manage enrollment.

EBIS’ product portfolio not only offers well known insurance companies, it includes many established and financially secure insurance carriers that offer quality products at very competitive prices. EBIS’ professional and knowledgeable staff will help augment your services with communication materials, enrollment support and up-to-date compliance assistance.

EBIS has partially self funded plans (“skinny plans” wellness and preventive benefits) for employers with 50+ and 100+ full time and full time equivalent employees. These plans meet MINIMUM ESSENTIAL and MINIMUM VALUE. Employer cost for these plans are usually less than $100 a month per employee.

Good employees are important and key to business success; benefits are an investment in the employees, their productivity and their good will. The well being and financial security of an Employer’s Employees is of utmost importance. EBIS will work with you to maximize the return on that investment by helping you offer competitive benefit programs and services to your clients.